The UCL Investment fund is an autonomous student-run organization within the UCL Investment society, concerned with educating and exploring the investment universe.

UCLIF core competencies comprise the following:


Industry Sector Heads

This team of experienced students with past investment and work experience managing portfolios in the industry of their expertise is here to assist their analysts with deep understanding of sector-specific methodologies and strategies for analysis and investment.

Trading Workshops

Fund members and guest lecturers will be hosting a series of workshops with detailed analysis of current affairs, as well as their implications on global markets. Students can gain insights into fundamental analysis and brainstorm potential trade ideas.

Industry Insights

Broad Look at the Industry

The fund is keen to introduce the trading industry to everyone, regardless of previous knowledge. This involves events, including talks by notable industry representatives on the composition, function and feel of the Sales & Trading department.

Guest Lectures

The society and the fund are working closely with UCL alumni working in various divisions of S&T, including senior traders, researchers and London-based strategists. These sessions will give students a better understanding of the division’s specific details necessary for securing spring, summer and graduate offers.



Analysts within the fund will be producing in-house security and sector research available to all members of the society. This is helpful to familiarise students with the expected standards of research on the job, as well as useful insights into current market trends, methods of stock valuation, and analysis.

Algorithmic Trading

In addition to conventional investing, the fund will be exploring quantitative trading (ran purely on coded algorithms) in one of the portfolios. UCLIF is collaborating with notable alumni working in Quantitative and Data Science departments in top banks in creating the portfolio and educating interested students in the methods and strategies of algorithmic and high-frequency trading.


Portfolio Managers have the task of producing detailed quarterly reports of sector activity, portfolio performance, investment decision reasoning and strategy, and future outlook. This will be done in a simple “letter to the shareholders” format.


Recruitment for UCLIF commences in September for Portfolio Managers and October for Analysts. Candidates are required to fill out a formal application form with all relevant information, CV and Cover Letter. The detailed dates are to be confirmed on the fund and society Facebook pages. The Fund currently manages 6 portfolios, with 1 Portfolio manager and 4 analysts assigned to each of them.

Candidates are expected to answer several simple questions about the industry and market. Successful analysts will face 1 round of interviews with respective sector head and a management committee member; portfolio managers will be interviewed by all three managers. Admitted students will also undergo occasional check-ins, in order to maximize effectiveness.


The process is structured in a style resembling a conventional Investment Banking application. Analysts are required to fill out a formal application for specific portfolios of interest and submit their CVs and cover letters on the UCLIS website. Successful candidates will be interviewed with the respective portfolio manager and a member of the management team. Analysts will be shuffled between portfolios throughout the year, based on interest and availability.