Discover the largest and most prestigious student-led conference in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 



The More The Merrier

Because we're the biggest student-led finance conference, we take pride in being highly sought-after.



Selectivity At Its Best

While we do aim to accept as many applications as possible, we keep our spaces limited to maximize quality.


Different Degrees

Diversity In Knowledge

At UCLIS, we believe that every field of knowledge can and will prove useful in investment - and select our delegates accordingly.


Elite Global Universities

Surrounded By Peers

We aim to bring together a highly diverse group of delegates, to promote inter-university networking.


The UCL Finance Conference is the flagship event of our society and has established itself as one of the biggest and most prestigious finance conferences in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, attracting the finest talent from across the globe. This year we are taking the conference online, and promise you to bring something special! From most senior speakers, 1 to 1 networking with companies representatives, you will have a unique opportunity to dive deep into the financial world. The event has served as a vibrant and educative platform since its inception in 2010, connecting ambitious students with industry leaders in collaboration with our sponsors. With previous partners for the conference including J.P. Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, the UCL Finance Conference brand has grown every year and we are very excited to announce new details shortly!

Back In-Person In 2021

Back to In-Person in 2021.

UCLFC2021 LineUp

*Stay tuned as we reveal our speakers.

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*To be revealed*

*To be revealed*

Keynote Speakers

Last year, we have secured 5 of the most senior speakers from across the finance industry, including those from prestigious firms like BlackRock, Citi and JP Morgan, to speak about the future of finance and their vast experiences in the industry. Each year, our senior speakers offer invaluable insight and advice to our ambitious delegates who aspire to enter the world of finance and no other event offers the opportunity to listen to such prominent figures. Ensure you stay connected with the UCL Investment Society on Facebook as we announce this year’s speaker line-up in the months leading up to the conference.



With representatives from almost every major firm in the industry, the UCL Finance Conference offers delegates an exceptional opportunity to make valuable connections and learn more about the culture of different companies during the vital internship recruitment period. Delegates are also invited to attend the UCL Investment Society’s event on ‘How to Network’, as preparation for the conference. With most students considering networking and connections the key to success in the finance industry, the UCL Finance Conference has continuously built up the scale of the networking event to better cater to the demands of our delegates.

Investment Banking Workshop

For many students, one of the most challenging aspects of entering the finance industry is getting through the technical interviews. With this in mind, the UCL Finance Conference will include a workshop from Financial Edge Training, which will give delegates an excellent overview of the major, industry-standard procedures and techniques. In recent years, the workshop has become one of the most popular and highly-lauded events of the conference, with past delegates considering it a vital aspect to distinguish you from the pack when applying for internships and graduate roles.

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