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Enhance your investment and trading knowledge in a real money investment fund. Experience real life economic and financial events and become a better investor!


UCLIF is the most advanced real-money investment fund at UCL. Founded in 2013, the Fund has become an integral component of the UCL Investment Society and employs a fundamental, long-term approach to investment. We have 3 goals: Educate our members, Invest using our in-house expertise and explore the wider investment universe.

This year, the Fund is undergoing a significant transformation. Sitting at the heart of these changes is the mission to expose our students to the exciting world of real-money investing, in all its rigour. With structural changes that encourage the sharing of these investment ideas with the wider UCL community, we hope to produce confident students with best-in-class communication skills.

key benefits


Industry Insights

Asset Specialists

Our team of experienced students have past investment and work experience managing portfolios in the industry of their expertise. They will be contributing to crafting research reports, contributing to UCLIF newsletters and pitching to the committee potential investment opportunities. We expect to give our Asset Specialists a high degree of independence in their roles and a rigorous exposure to the comprehensive range of asset specialisms, which we have intentionally designed. Our Investment Cycle Symposiums and regular intra fund meetings will also develop studentsʼ communication and presentation skills.

Broad Look at the Industry

The fund is keen to introduce the trading industry to everyone, regardless of previous knowledge. This involves educational resources and events, including talks by notable industry representatives on the composition, function and feel of the Sales & Trading department. Members also attend our Financial Valuation Workshops covering Discounted Cash Flow and Comparable Analysis models. 

Trading Workshops

Fund members and guest lecturers will be hosting a series of workshops with detailed analysis of current affairs, as well as their implications on global markets. Students can gain insights into fundamental analysis and brainstorm potential trade ideas.


The society and the fund are working closely with UCL alumni working in various divisions of S&T, including senior traders, researchers and London-based strategists. These sessions will give students a better understanding of the division’s specific details necessary for securing spring, summer and graduate offers. We also foster a culture of mentorship within our fund with older more experienced students advising and educating younger students in the field of finance and careers.

Fund Correspondence

Real Money Investing

Our asset specialists will be pitching investment opportunities to our committee based on their research and investing experience. Following this and subject to clearance from the committee, capital will be deployed in our real-money fund in line with their convictions. Anticipating a continued presence of global central bank liquidity, 2020/21 should be an active year for the fund!


Analysts within the fund will be producing in-house security and sector research available to all members of the society and the public. This is helpful to familiarise students with the expected standards of research on the job, as well as useful insights into current market trends, methods of stock valuation, and analysis. This is mainly through the Friday Weekly Market Wrap-Up UCLIS Newsletters and the Bi-termly in-depth asset sector reports. 

Investment Symposium Series

An especially exciting new element this year is our public investment cycle Symposiumʼseries. At these headline events, which coincide with our Investment cycles, Asset Specialists will present and share their investment theses with an audience comprising UCLIS and the broader UCL community.


Recruitment for UCLIF commences in April for asset class specialists. We will recruit a limited number of analysts each November. Candidates are required to fill out a formal application form with all relevant information, CV and Cover Letter. The detailed dates are to be confirmed on the fund and society Facebook pages.

The fund currently consists of a team of eleven asset class specialists, one investment director, and one vice president. 

Recruitment Assistance

The process is structured in a style resembling a conventional Investment Banking application. asset Class Specialists are required to fill out a formal application for specific asset class of interest and submit their CVs and cover letters on the UCLIS website. Successful candidates will be interviewed by the Vice-President and Investment Director. Analysts will be shuffled between portfolios throughout the year, based on interest and availability.