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The UCLIS Mentorship Programme began in 2016 as one of the first of its kind. Since then, many societies have followed suit but none have achieved our level of excellence. With a success rate of 50%, our Programme has obtained better results than other societies and most professional career services, including UCL’s.
Understanding how crucial spring weeks and summer internships are to a student’s start in finance or professional services, UCLIS has consolidated collective knowledge of the application process into our Mentorship Programme. As a society, we hope to demystify your first foray into these industries by providing guidance from application start to finish.

Mentees will be assigned a dedicated mentor who has successfully completed a spring week or summer internship. Based on their experience, each mentor will provide CV and cover letter feedback, as well as interview and skills training, to prepare you for application success. Mentees will also gain exclusive access to guidebooks, practice tests, and company networking events throughout the year.

Successful mentees will receive access to further advice and exclusive events on how to convert their spring week into a summer internship or their summer internship into a graduate role.


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What is a Spring Week?

Spring weeks are week-long internships aimed at first-year students or second-year students on a four-year course. Usually held in the UK throughout March and April, all bulge bracket investments banks, the Big 4, and some consulting firms host these programmes to recruit talent early.

Spring week programmes vary by firm, but in general, they will provide you with a first-hand overview into your industry and division of choice. Therefore, if you are unsure whether a career in finance or professional services is for you, or if you struggle to choose between the different divisions within these industries, attending a spring week offers the perfect opportunity to help you decide.

Spring weeks are by far the best but not only way to gain a penultimate-year internship, which further leads to a full-time graduate position.

Why Apply for a Spring Week?

As a fresher at UCL, it may seem too early to choose a career path, let alone submit internship applications within your first months on campus. However, the competitive reality of finance and professional service roles means that if you would like to work in these sectors post-graduation, attending a spring week should top your priority list.

Other benefits of attending a spring week include receiving training in relevant skills for the job and networking with industry members as well as other like-minded students.

Competitive Environment

Although the allure of a career in the technology sector is rising, investment banking and S&T (sales and trading) remain still the most selective and competitive career paths for university students. Attending a Spring Week can be the perfect opportunity to explore an interest in this industry, as well as positioning yourself for the best chances to enter these sectors. Participating in the mentorship programme increases your odds of landing a Spring Week!

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Following the success of our inaugural Summer Mentorship Scheme in 2017, we are delighted to expand the programme in 2019. If you are a penultimate-year student interested in summer internships within finance or professional services, this scheme will help you secure your dream internship and convert it into your dream job.

Summer internships are 10-week-long programmes aimed at penultimate-year students. Usually held in the UK between June and September, these programmes often take place within a more specific division or desk than spring weeks. The aim of a summer internship is to help you and the firm assess your suitability to return for a graduate role at the specific desk.

The graduate class at most firms will consists of Analysts who successfully converted their summer internship. Therefore, the acceptance rate of graduate roles is significantly lower than that of summer internships. Given these chances, we encourage all penultimate-year students remotely interested in professional services and finance to apply for summer internships, using the UCLIS Mentorship Programme as their best source of guidance.

With our help, you can enter your final year of university with a job offer in hand!


The UCLIS Mentorship program demystified the Spring Week assessment process for me. My Mentor helped me each step of the way, from interview prep to networking tips. The scheme definitely increased my chances of receiving an offer, and I would highly recommend it to aspiring Freshers.

Jasmin Manetta – UCLIS Mentorship Programme Graduate
Spring Intern
J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse

1. CV

While resources on CV writing exist in abundance online, the UCLIS Guide to Writing a CV (available at the top of this page) stands above the rest. Created by current students with fresh experience applying for spring weeks and summer internships, and consolidating information from past applicants, our guide aims to provide definitive advice for writing the best CV. Furthermore, our dedicated mentors will provide you with regular 1-on-1 CV advice. Needless to say, our programme offers more tailored guidance than even UCL’s career center.

3. Psychometric Tests

UCLIS offers a series of exclusive resources on its mentorship portal, available only to mentors and mentees. These resources include a guide designed to help you ace the psychometric test that follows almost all online applications. The guide contains a list of websites to practice on, chief among them JobTestPrep, who have partnered with UCLIS to provide our mentees with an exclusive discount. .

5. Skills Training

UCLIS has partnered with interview & skills guide providers in order to offer our Mentorship participants sought-after educational material. Thanks to our partners, mentees will be ahead of the curve for their interviews.

2. Cover Letter

The UCLIS Guide to Writing a Cover Letter (also available at the top of this page) is another Programme resource that hopes to maximise your chances of securing a spring week or sumer internship. Addditionally, our mentees are paired up with mentors based on their divisional preference, guaranteeing division-specific guidance to writing the all-important cover letters.

4. Interview Prep

Often having gone through multiple interviews to secure their spring weeks and summer internships, our mentors are well prepared to train you in interview skills. Moreover, our mentee-exclusive resources include a competency interview guide and a recommended reading list for technical interviews.

6. Priority Access

UCLIS hosts multiple speakers and networking opportunities from our global partners throughout the academic year. Mentees will have reserved access to all of our events and the opportunity to connect with employers in an intimate setting.


Here are a few of our mentors, ready to help you secure your dream internship. Click on their name to discover their profile.

Tan Ing Shen

Investment Banking

Pavel Mishin

Investment Banking

Paul Georgallas

Asset Management

Zoe Steele


Veronica Hera

Investment Banking


Start date
3 September 2019 (Summer Internships)
10 October 2019 (Spring Week)
30 August 2019 (Summer Internships)
7 October 2019 (Spring Week)
Spring Week Scheme - 1st year (3-year course) or 2nd year (4-year course) UCL students
Summer Internship Scheme - penultimate or last year of study
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