The UCLIS Mentorship Programme is the only mentorship programme at UCL with a clear structure, more than 60 mentors and a history of outstanding results. Unlike any other similar scheme, our programme offers 1-on-1, personalised training which is guaranteed to improve your chances of securing a dream job.

In the time since UCLIS first launched it, the mentorship programme has been a source of inspiration for many societies and students. However, no similar endeavour has ever achieved our level of success. Our highly-structured programme and in-depth feedback process have allowed us to achieve unparalleled results.


Understanding how crucial a Spring Weeks and Summer Internships are to a fresher’s start in finance, the UCL Investment Society has consolidated collective knowledge of the application process into the UCLIS Mentorship Programme. As a society, we want to demystify securing your first university experience in Investment Banking and provide the necessary guidance from application start to finish.

Selected UCL Freshers will be assigned a dedicated mentor who has successfully completed a Spring Week or Summer Internship. Mentees will also gain exclusive access to practice tests, interview prep and be fast-tracked to company networking events throughout the year.

At over 50% success rate, our programme has achieved better results than most professional career services, including UCL’s.

Program Aim

As one of UCL’s largest professional finance & investment societies, we have built a network of students with successful past Internship experience. Just to name a few, our mentors have been to Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Citi and Morgan Stanley. Based on their experience, each mentor will provide constant CV and cover letter feedback, as well as interview and skill training to prepare you for your application.

Dedicated Mentors

Our mission is to increase the representation of a diverse group of motivated and talented UCL students in leading global institutions. Building a knowledge network helps us achieve this goal. The program seeks to teach first-year applicants how to make themselves stand out in the competitive internship process.




elite companies


What is a spring week?

As a fresher at UCL, it may seem too early to be set on a career path, not to mention begin internship applications in the first months of being on campus. However, the reality of the finance industry means that if you would like to work in the sector post-graduation, attending a Spring Week should be at the top of your priority list.

Spring Weeks are week long internships held in the UK  during March and April. All bulge bracket investments banks, the Big 4 and some consulting firms host these programmes as an opportunity for students to gain an insight into the day-to-day operations of their firm and as a way to spot potential talent early on. Spring weeks are by far the best (but not the only) way to gain a penultimate year internship, which further leads to a full-time postgraduate position.

Competitive environment

Although the allure of a career in the technology sector is rising, investment banking and S&T (sales and trading) remain still the most selective and competitive career paths for university students. Attending a Spring Week can be the perfect opportunity to explore an interest in this industry, as well as positioning yourself for the best chances to enter these sectors. Participating in the mentorship programme increases your odds of landing a Spring Week!



number of applicants


positions per programme

12 %

acceptance rate



Following the successful organisation of last year’s Spring Mentorship Scheme and the positive feedback we have received, we are glad to announce our pilot Summer Mentorship Scheme. Hence, as one of UCL’s top societies, we have decided to access our resources in terms of preparation materials and connections to help our members get a step ahead in the competitive selection process in the banking industry.

This scheme is meant to provide the necessary support by assigning students that are interested in applying to Summer Internships (mentees) to fellow UCL students (mentors) who have completed Summer internships and have gained experience in the application process. Besides this, our selected mentees will gain access to extensive training materials and events to further support them through the application process.

How will this help you

Aware of how important starting early with the applications is for Summer internships, we have designed the mentorship scheme such that our mentees will be in a favourable position. Hence, the scheme will be split in 2 stages. First of all, in early September each mentee will be put in contact with their mentor and will start going through the application process for internships. Besides this, to support their preparation we will provide each mentee a pack with CV, cover letter, list of companies that organise internships and access to the platform for psychometric tests training. After this stage, as the first term starts in October, mentors and mentees will organise weekly/bi-weekly meetings and continue with the application and interview preparation.


The UCLIS Mentorship program demystified the Spring Week assessment process for me. My Mentor helped me each step of the way, from interview prep to networking tips. The scheme definitely increased my chances of receiving an offer, and I would highly recommend it to aspiring Freshers.

Jasmin Manetta – UCLIS Mentorship Programme Graduate
Spring Intern
J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse

1. CV

Although there are many resources on CV writing available online, through UCL’s career centre and on-campus CV clinics, a winning resume should be tailored to best represent an applicant’s past achievements. A 1-hour CV session is often not enough to create a competitive resume. UCLIS mentors will be able to highlight mentees’ unique competencies through required weekly CV editing. By completing the Mentorship Programme, your CV will stand out from the 4000 yearly Spring Week applications.

3. Psychometric Tests

An often required aspect of the Investment Banking and Trading application process (and seldom liked) is numerical, verbal and logical testing. The one thing that all successful Spring Intern’s can agree on is that practice makes perfect with psychometric testing. The UCL Investment Society has partnered with JobTestPrep, a leading assessment provider, to offer mentees access to a range of tests that they may encounter at companies at discounted offers. The exclusive access will save students the time and significant cost of practicing a mechanical part of the application sequence.

5. Skills Training

UCLIS has partnered with interview & skills guide providers in order to offer our Mentorship participants sought-after educational material. Thanks to our data partners, mentees will be ahead of the curve for their interviews.

2. Cover Letter

Of the roughly 5000 UCL fresher’s every year, each student has a diverse and unique background that should be efficiently communicated in a banking or consulting cover letter. A cover letter should be much more personal than a CV in demonstrating an applicant’s’ motivations for applying. The 8-week long Mentorship program gives mentors room to discover their mentees’ key competencies and provide suggestions on how to utilise them in a cover letter.

4. Interview Prep

Often having gone through multiple interviews before securing one (or more) Spring Internships, our mentors are well trained in this type of verbal communication. Closer to interview dates, the mentees will work with their buddies to practice mock behavioural, motivational and competency based interviews.

6. Priority Access

The UCL Investment Society hosts multiple speakers who represent our global partners throughout the academic year. Mentees will have reserved access to all of our events and the opportunity to connect with employers in an intimate setting.


Here are a few of our mentors, ready to help you secure your dream internship. Click on their name to discover their profile.

Pavel Mishin

Investment Banking Division

Peter Passlack


Maria Lovin

Markets Division

Paul Georgallas

Asset Management

Emma Lim

Investment Banking Division

Daria Butuc



Start date
3 September 2018 (Summer Internships)
10 October 2018 (Spring Week)
26 August 2018 (Summer Internships)
7 October 2018 (Spring Week)
Spring Week Scheme - 1st year (3-year course) or 2nd year (4-year course) UCL students
Summer Internship Scheme - penultimate or last year of study
Open to all courses of study
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