UCLIS came up with the easiest path to help you secure your dream internship. With over 100 mentors, 1-on-1 coaching, CV & Cover Letter clinics, and even interview guidance, our mentorship programme is the biggest career support scheme at UCL. And we’ve got proven results!



Ready To Help

Our mentors have all successfully secured internships and jobs in the past - so they know how to guide you.



Biggest Yet

With the exception of course-specific career services, UCLIS offers the largest career support scheme across UCL.


Success Rate

One Step Closer

60% of our mentees manage to secure spring or summer internships with the help of their mentors!


Successful Applicants From Non-Finance/Econ Degrees

Where You're Going

Our Mentorship Scheme does not care where you come from - only where you want to go and how hard you are willing to work!



Whatever you choose to do in life, previous insight in the respective field is what separates employees from applicants. However, when you’re a fresher or still in your early years of studying, it is unlikely you will have a lot of relevant knowledge when it comes to investment banking. Luckily for you, UCLIS is more than a society: it is a family, and above all a network. With this said, all our members are happy to help and support fresh applicants so that you can set yourself apart and score that internship.


guided by experts

We are delighted to announce our partnership with JobTestPrep, who will offer their services to our successful UCL Mentorship Scheme applicants. This platform will prepare you for your aptitude or psychometric tests, where packages include full mock tests, drills, tips, comprehensive guides and video tutorials. As part of the UCL Mentorship Scheme, JobTestPrep is offering:
• 15 free practice tests
• limited number of discount codes for the full package
• full package includes test packs for all the most popular employers with a money-back guarantee if you are unsuccessful in the tests
These discounts are reserved for Mentorship participants only and will be sent in their inbox. As Spring Weeks and Summer Internships open up across both bulge-brackets and boutiques, it is paramount to ace any psychometric or numerical tests to proceed to the next stage of the process and make your application stand out.
Check out for a preview of the content. To access the discount code, you will need to register on this website with the same email address they are using on the portal.



The UCL Investment Society Mentorship was launched in 2016 with the aim of helping students secure spring weeks, summer internships and, ultimately, job offers. Ever since, we’ve grown to become the largest student-run mentorship scheme in the UK, outperforming similar initiatives from other societies, as well as UCL’s own career advice service.

Our programme is open to everyone interested in Finance (including but not limited to IB, Markets, Wealth and Asset Management, Fintech), Consulting and General Corporates. As we have plenty of mentors with a verity of backgrounds and experiences, we’ll be able to find the perfect match for your interests.

After a successful application, you will be assigned to one mentor who has taken part in a Spring Week or a Summer Internship – or both. From this year, this can also be an Alumni mentor – see more below.

Based on their experience, mentors will provide general tips about the application process as well as specific CV and CL guidance, including one screening of your application documents, too. On top of mentors’ advice, mentees will also have access to: general guide about writing CVs and CLs, practice assessment tips and resources, and exclusive networking opportunities. 

Because both you and your mentor are UCL students, all your interactions will take place in a friendly and informal environment. Compared to traditional career advice services, this means you’ll receive tailored advice and from a more relatable source. Plus, if you’re joining UCL this year, or are just looking to expand your connections, Mentorship is also a perfect chance to make new friends and expand your network!

key benefits


While resources on CV writing exist in abundance online, the UCLIS Guide to Writing a CV stands above the rest. Created by current students with fresh experience applying, and consolidating information from past applicants, our guide aims to provide definitive advice for writing the best CV. Furthermore, our dedicated mentors will provide you with regular 1-on-1 CV advice.

IV. Assessment Practice

UCLIS offers a series of exclusive resources on its mentorship portal, available only to mentors and mentees. These resources include a guide designed to help you ace the psychometric test that follows almost all online applications. From this year, you will also be provided with practice assessment resources and tailored discounts on the major providers.

II. Cover Letter

The UCLIS Guide to Writing a Cover Letter is another Programme resource that hopes to maximise your chances of securing a spring week or summer internship. Additionally, our mentees are paired up with mentors based on their divisional preference, guaranteeing division-specific guidance to writing the all-important cover letters.

V. Alumni Mentors

From this year, the most promising applicants will have a chance to be paired with UCL graduates who are currently working in the industry. Needless to say, this will further increase your chances of securing your preferred spring or summer.

III. Interview Advice

Often having gone through multiple interviews to secure their spring weeks and summer internships, our mentors are well prepared to train you in interview skills. Moreover, our mentee-exclusive resources include a competency interview guide and a recommended reading list for technical interviews.

VI. Networking Opportunities

UCLIS hosts multiple speakers and networking opportunities from our global partners throughout the academic year. Mentees will have reserved access to all of our events and the opportunity to connect with employers in an intimate setting.

Spring week

What Is A Spring Week?

Spring weeks are week-long internships aimed at first-year students or second-year students on a four-year course. They are “insights”, meaning that you’ll discover about the firm through presentations, networking and, sometimes, shadowing, and most of the work you’ll be doing will be group projects. Usually held in the UK throughout March and April, all bulge bracket investment banks, the Big 4, and some consulting firms host these programmes to recruit talent early. 

Spring week programmes vary by firm, but in general, they will provide you with a first-hand overview into your industry and division of choice. Therefore, if you are unsure whether a career in finance or professional services is for you, or if you struggle to choose between the different divisions within these industries, attending a spring week offers the perfect opportunity to help you decide.

Spring weeks are by far the best, but not only way to gain a penultimate-year internship, which serves as a pipeline to a full-time graduate position.

Why Apply for a Spring Week?

As a fresher at UCL, it may seem too early to choose a career path, let alone submit internship applications within your first months on campus. However, whether you already know finance is your future or you are just curious about it, Spring Weeks are the easiest way to go about it.

Compared to later forms of internships, requirements for Spring Weeks are generally lower. For instance, you most likely will not be required to have any specific knowledge in the sector you are applying for – but you need to show enthusiasm, interest and passion. Most importantly, virtually all Springs offer a “conversion” scheme whereby the most successful participants are offered a place on the Summer Internship for the following year. 

Once you’re in the Spring, converting your offer is going to be much easier than applying from scratch to a Summer. Instead of sitting a (potentially multiple-day-long) assessment centre with random strangers, you’ll be assessed based on group projects with people you’ve been interacting with during the Week and on your performance throughout. This means that you’ll have a longer, less stressing assessment period.

More generally, Springs offer you a way to find out if you like, fit and can succeed in the industry, without the pressure of carrying out daily tasks found in a Summer Internship. Through talks and presentations, you’ll also be able to build up your network. Other benefits of attending a spring week include receiving training in relevant skills for the job, e.g. in analytical, teamwork and presentation skills.

Key Points

  • Lower prerequisites
  • Multiple training, networking and presentation sessions
  • Fast track possibilities to a summer internship (often a case study presentation)
  • Application process varies by firm, but generally involves submitting a 1 page CV and answering some motivational questions. Some firms might also ask for a cover letter and taking an online assessment. Phone and in-person interview/assessments are more rare at this stage.

Summer Internship


Following the success of our Summer Mentorship Scheme over the past three years, we are delighted to expand the programme in 2020. If you are a penultimate-year student interested in summer internships within finance or professional services, this scheme will help you secure your dream internship and convert it into your dream job.

Summer internships are 10-week-long programmes aimed at penultimate-year students. Held between June and September, students will undergo relevant training and have the opportunity to be attached to a specific division or desk within the firm. The aim of a summer internship is to help you and the firm assess your suitability to return for a graduate role at the specific desk.

At the end of a summer internship, high-performing interns may receive an offer for a graduate position within the firm. Therefore, all penultimate-year students interested in a career in finance and professional services are encouraged to apply for summer internships to increase their chances of securing a full-time offer. With the advice of your mentor and our wide pool of resources, the UCLIS Mentorship Programme is your best source of guidance.

With our help, you can enter your final year of university with a job offer in hand!

Top Tips

  • Apply early.
  • Do your research! Though no specific knowledge is required at this stage, you still need to demonstrate you want to work in the industry and at that specific firm.
  • Attend networking sessions. These are a great chance to test the atmosphere and potentially get fast-tracked!

key details

Start Dates

Applications will be open starting with:

September 3rd for Summer Internships

September 10th for Spring Weeks


Please submit your applications by the following dates:

Summer Internships: October 3rd

Spring Weeks: October 12th


  • You must be a currently enrolled UCL student and a member of the UCL Investment Society. You do not need to be enrolled in a specific course to apply. This membership is free and can be obtained at
  • Spring Programme: you must be an undergraduate student in your first out of three year-long or second out of four year-long degree.
  • Summer Programme: you must be in your penultimate year of study – this means in the second out of three years or in the third out of four. Both undergraduates and graduates can apply.

Please note the above are set in order to match the application requirements from the industry.

To apply, you’ll be asked to register on our portal and submit your CV.

IMPORTANT: We review applications on a rolling basis.



We understand you may have concerns with in-person meetings due to COVID-19 or are choosing to attend Term 1 or the whole academic year from remote. We cannot stress this enough: this won’t be an issue.

Complying with UCL policies of a blended approach of virtual and in-person learning, we too are taking a “flexible approach”. Most of our events will be organised virtually. We are working hard to ensure that everyone gets the same experience regardless of their mode of attendance.

We will be organising in-person events for students who are in London and would like to attend. However, due to UCL restrictions and government advice, we are forced tol limit the number of participants to these events. 

When you are applying, you’ll be requested to indicate your preferred mode of attendance. If your circumstances change, don’t worry – we’ll sort you out and allocate you to the appropriate mentor.