If you want to start your experience as a committee member in one of the most prestigious UCL societies, we recommend you apply to be one of our First Year Representatives! 

Invest In Your Future

We take our roles as mentors very seriously. Each year, we select a very small number of elite students, and grow them into future leaders.

Being a First-Year Representative for a society as big as UCLIS is not an easy job and can be a very demanding position. However, it is very rewarding and can help you fast-track your path to a successful career in finance. Most of our previous First-Year Representatives have successfully secured internships and jobs at top financial institutions, as well as leadership positions in the following-year UCLIS committee.

We expect you to get involved in all our projects, work on multiple tasks simultaneously and act as a representative of the society at all times. In return, you will acquire all the technical knowledge needed to succeed in finance, have access to our network of connections which ranges from Analysts to Presidents, EMEA Heads, Managing Directors and Chairmen, develop lasting friendships with the other committee members and have access to all our exclusive events.



Develop your teamwork and leadership abilities by being involved in large-scale, real-life projects for our 1000+ members


Give your CV a competitive edge by adding a position at one of the biggest finance societies in the UK.


Have access to our network of connections

Exclusive Access

Be present at the exclusive networking sessions and other events with our sponsors, which include some of the biggest companies in the world

Grow Within

Improve your chances of securing a leadership position in the 2021/22 UCLIS Committee – all of last year’s First-Year Representatives are now Vice-Presidents.

What We Look For

When assessing applications, we do not place emphasis on your degree, previous experience in finance or technical knowledge. What we look for are talented, ambitious, dedicated, hard-working students who are willing to learn and who will always go the extra mile in providing the highest quality of work for our members. Flexibility and ad-hoc problem-solving skills are a plus since, as a First-Year Representative, you will be working with all UCLIS Committee teams and departments.

The only case in which technical skills will greatly make you stand out is if you are particularly interested in our Marketing, Communications and Technology team. Even then, students who do not have the necessary technical skills will be taken into consideration based on their other experience and desire to learn.

When writing your cover letter, make sure you talk about how you fit these criteria.