Frequently Asked Questions​

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How do I join UCLIS?
We never require our members to sign-up for a membership, be it on the Union website or on any of our pages. Any UCL student is free to participate in any of our events or programmes, with the exception of the Annual General Meeting.
If you would like to stay in touch, we encourage you to like our Facebook page and join our mailing list. If you wish to participate in the AGM, you will need to sign up as a member on the Student Union page.

Is membership free?
Yes. Unlike many other societies, we do not charge a membership fee. We believe that our resources should be open to every student. However, some of our larger events are financed through ticket sales. With the exception of the UCL Finance Conference, these events are often recreational. Our Keynote Presentations, Mentorship Programme and other such opportunities are entirely free.

I am not a UCL student. Can I still join?
You are more than welcome to join us for most of our events. In fact, many of them are organized in collaboration with other universities. The UCL Finance Conference, for example, receives applications from over 40 elite universities all across the globe. However, you will not be able to join the Mentorship Programme, the Investment Fund or become a member on the Union page and vote in the AGM.


What is the difference between you and other societies?
We believe that students should have access to resources that will kickstart their career and allow them to enter the highly competitive world of finance. As such, we are committeed to providing our members with the best experience while they are at UCL. In the past years, our society has attracted bigger speakers and companies than any other similar group in the UK. Every year, we host the largest Finance Conference in EMEA, with the most prestigious names in banking, asset management and other financial services. We take our role at UCL very seriously and are committed to our task. As such, we do not view the society as a vehicle of self-promotion, but as a full-time job that allows us to help thousands of students and grow together with them.

What is the UCL Guild?
The UCL Guild started as a partnership between the UCL Investment Society and the UCL Business Society. Today, the Guild comprises five of the biggest societies at UCL, with thousands of members from all subject areas. The Guild is intended to cover the whole spectrum of degrees, offering students and sponsors opportunities in areas ranging from Economics to Entrepreneurship or Data Science.

Events & Programmes

How can I apply for an event or programme?
All events and programmes are advertised on our Facebook page and via our mailing list. To sign-up for a registration- event or programme, you will need to create an account on our application portal. The process takes only a couple of minutes and allows you to take full advantage of what UCLIS has to offer. For some events or programmes, you may be required to submit a CV with your application.

Joining The Committee

How can I join the committee?

Our committeed is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Deadlines and other application details will be announced on the websites. Registration is open for students going into their second or third year of study.

What if I am a 1st Year student?

Every year, we welcome a very small number of first-year students in our committee. Our First-Year Representatives follow a flexible rotation programme, allowing them to see what each team in the society does. First-Year Representatives often become Vice-Presidents, President or Treasurer after the AGM. The programme is a great way of developing work experience and skills needed in any business role. Deadlines and other application details will be announced on the websites.

What Do 1st Year Reps Do?

As a First-Year Representative, you will be given as much responsibility as most other committee members. Depending on your team, you will be liasing with sponors, pitching events to high-profile speakers, negotiating deals with the Student Union, working on the technical side of the society or organizing events for us.