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UCLIS President's Message

Conference Speakers - Head
Welcome to the UCL Investment Society!
To all our new members welcome, and to our returning members welcome back! This year we have an incredibly dedicated committee that has worked throughout summer to put on numerous engaging and worthwhile events.
This year, our Financial Conference has an incredibly high profile speaker line up. We have also linked up with more start-up companies, especially in the FinTech space and will be hosting some of the biggest parties on campus.
If gaining an understanding of the financial world is something you desire, as well as having lots of fun in the process you are in the right place.
To keep up to date with all things Investment Society makes sure to check us out on social media including on our Facebook page, Snapchat and weekly email.
Looking forward to meeting all of you throughout this year!
Mathieu Marc,
President of UCL Investment Society

UCLIS - Your Guide to Career in Finance and Investments

The University College London Investment Society (UCLIS) was founded in 2001, with the aim of providing its members with the necessary tools to begin and pursue a career in the financial services industry. Over a decade later, the society now stands as one of UCL’s largest societies.

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Mission Statement

Providing a platform for you to discover where your interests lie and what inspires you in investment. Learn from world-renowned speakers and industry experts who attend our financial conference and yearly events.
Expanding your technical and soft skillset through talks, competitions and workshops brought to you in collaboration with our sponsors.
Facilitating exclusive networking opportunities with sponsors, partners and alumni as well as providing first-hand information on opportunities available with our sponsors and partners.

UCL Finance Conference

Over the years, the UCLFC has consistently provided a vibrant educatory platform for top delegates across Europe through hosting profoundly experienced professionals from various areas of Finance and Investment, ranging from Investment Banking to Asset Management. One previous speaker commended the UCLFC, “the best undergraduate conference of its kind, anywhere”. Thus, it has undoubtedly become a key event on any Finance enthusiast’s calendar!

The conference is organised by the UCL Investment Society in association with its partners and sponsors. We are immensely grateful to all of our speakers and the society’s sponsors, both new and returning, as the event would not be possible without them. Moreover, the planning of the UCLFC starts months prior to the conference date, so we would like to thank all of our team members for their effort and enthusiasm into making the 2017 UCLFC a very promising event.