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Welcome to the UCL Investment Society!

The UCL Investment society – UCLIS  – is one of the buy Divalproex online top 3 largest career societies on campus, and leading member of the UCL Guild. Widely regarded by the financial industry as the most prestigious society at UCL, we pride ourselves on also being the most fun and creative.

Our core purpose is to open your horizons about a wide variety of careers through direct exposure to world renowned guest speakers, to help you secure your dream internship/job, and to bring you the hottest and most creative socials on campus.

Last year we hosted some of the most prestigious events on campus:

  • UCL Finance Conference
  • UCL/LSE Tech Panel
  • UCLIS Keynote Speaker series: Sanjay Jain (Head of Tech IB, J.P. Morgan), Paul Kahn (CEO, Airbus U.K.) and Aditya Agarwal (CTO, Dropbox)
  • #DopeTuesdays @ DSTRKT – exclusive party in one of Mayfair’s Hottest Clubs

Because one is never enough, we have 3 key programmes which we more than encourage you to apply for:

UCL Finance Conference
UCL’s largest student run event, it is known to be one of Europe’s most prestigious student run events. Past speakers include http://newdurhamlibrary.org/event/storytime-1100-4/2016-09-29/ Michael Marsh, EMEA Head of Leveraged Finance for http://tomtwomeyseries.org/event/page/2/ Goldman Sachs and many other senior executives. With guest speeches from industry makers, 3-course meal at a 5* hotel, panel discussion on hottest current affairs, amazing 1-on-1 networking opportunities with the likes of J.P. Morgan and BoAML, a stock pitch competition with an Assessment Center secured for the winner and an exclusive workshop, this conference has it all. Literally – this is why it is consistently oversubscribed by 4 times. Do apply as early as possible to maximise your chances of attending this event.

With more than 1 in 2 participants securing an internship, our programme delivers better results than most professional career services. Ensuring that someone who successfully hurdled past the application process will follow your application and give you tailored advice is the number 1 way of securing your dream internship. The best part? It’s completely free.

UCL Investment Fund
Newly launched! This fund’s purpose is for you to learn – it has a free dedicated learning environment with insights from industry professionals. At the end of the year you will have learned about various key sectors, their trends, how to analyse a company and key financial tools that will equip you to ace any interview process and internship. We expect this programme to be overbooked, so do apply early!

A last but not least, do keep in mind applications for First Year Rep position at our society. You will gain first-hand experience in what is the bridge between a professional career and a student life.The opportunity to help change UCL in a positive way is amazing – do not miss out on this opportunity!

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Mathieu Marc,
President of UCL Investment Society

UCLIS - Your Guide to Career in Finance and Investments

The University College London Investment Society (UCLIS) was founded in 2001, with the aim of providing its members with the necessary tools to begin and pursue a career in the financial services industry. Over a decade later, the society now stands as one of UCL’s largest societies.

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Providing a platform for you to discover where your interests lie and what inspires you in investment. Learn from world-renowned speakers and industry experts who attend our financial conference and yearly events.
Expanding your technical and soft skillset through talks, competitions and workshops brought to you in collaboration with our sponsors.
Facilitating exclusive networking opportunities with sponsors, partners and alumni as well as providing first-hand information on opportunities available with our sponsors and partners.