We are the go-to source for our student members for career support, technical training information, up-to-date market knowledge and a fun, accepting community.

The UCL Investment society – UCLIS – is one of the top 3 largest societies on campus, and the premier career society and the leading member of the UCL  Guild. We host the most senior speakers, organise the UK’s largest mentorship programme, trade with a real-money investment fund and pride ourselves on our flagship Finance Conference – the largest of its kind across Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is why we are widely regarded by the financial industry as the most prestigious society at UCL!
Our mission is to empower our members and provide them with the best opportunity to kick-start their careers. We want to help you secure your dream internship, and hopefully job, at the top firms in London and around the world. We provide exposure to our many sponsors, like that of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and world-renowned guest speakers, whilst keeping things fun at our esteemed socials!
Last year we hosted some of the most prestigious events and programmes across the University:
  • UCL Finance Conference – The largest and most prestigious student-run finance conference across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.
  • UCL Alumni Dinner – The most prestigious networking event at UCL, where we connect UCL Alumni representing top firms such as J.P. Morgan, Citi and BlackRock, with selected members.
  • Keynote Speaker series – Inviting the most senior speakers across the industry to inspire UCL students. Past speakers include; Ashok Aram (EMEA CEO, Deutsche Bank), Adrian Hallmark (CEO, Bentley), Xavier Rolet (CEO, London Stock Exchange).
  • Sponsor Events – Where we connect our prestigious sponsors to our members through various educational or informative events. Last year’s events included: J.P. Morgan ‘Day in the Bank’, Point72 ‘Presentation and Networking’ and Amplify Trading ‘Trading Simulation’.
  • Socials – Last year saw the much anticipated launch of the UCLIS x Opium: After Dark social, where our members could enjoy the trendy and high-end club in Mayfair, all at student prices!

Participating in our 3 key programmes – the UCL Finance Conference, Mentorship Programme and UCL Investment Fund – is a sure set way to make you stand out amongst the crowd and we strongly encourage you to apply.

Finally, be aware of our First Year Rep positions at UCLIS. This is a great way to gain many professional skills that will prove to be valuable in any career– whilst getting a unique opportunity to grow your network.

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